Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HOWTO : Chatting in Freenode Anonymously with NightHawk

NightHawk is running Tor (The Onion Router) transparently as a middle box. You can chatting in Freenode anonymously with Nighthawk with a little bit change in the configuration.

Start up the NightHawk and running it behind a router. Then configure the IRC Client as the following :

(1) The address of the is replaced by one of the following urls :


The first one is the most used and you may find that you cannot login to the Freenode often especially in the peak hours. You can then select the others.

(2) Disable the Proxy setting.

(3) You can use normal port (e.g. 6667) or SSL port (e.g. 6697).

(4) Make sure you use SASL for the server. Therefore, you need to register your username. For the Freenode configuration, please refer to her official site or user manual.

That's all! See you.