Friday, August 28, 2015

Catch Me If You Can 3

Last year, I was talking about how to use NightHawk to do malicious things. The full article is here. Two years ago, I also talked about using pre-paid SIM card to do malicious things and the full article is here. However, you think that it would be a chance to be caught as TOR network exit nodes may be monitoring by law enforcements. Meanwhile, identity registration may be needed to purchase SIM card in your country. Okay, today I will introduce another method that you can use wired network to do malicious things untraceable.

In my country, there are many "Internet Cafe" which have a pool of computer systems that running Windows system to provide network gaming or internet services to their customers with a cheap price per hour. Those computer systems will be equipped "Reborn Card" which can reset to its default setting on every reboot. Normally, the "Internet Cafe" will reboot their computer systems every day.

You can hire a computer system in the "Internet Cafe", reboot it. Plug in your Kali Linux or BackBox Linux Live USB (or your custom made pentesting Linux Live USB). Personally, I will recommend BackBox as it will have some outstanding features, such as memory wiper.

After your malicious tasks, you can reboot your computer system and it will reset to its default setting. Normally, no data or activiities will be logged in the computer system.

When law enforcements trace your IP address which will direct them to the "Internet Cafe", they cannot obtain any evidence from the computer pool as those systems are reborned!

Finally, beware that CCTV will be installed in the "Internet Cafe" or nearby shops which will capture your present. You may need to do some "make up" when necessary.

That's all! See you.

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