Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HOWTO : Tor on Back|Track 4 R2

Step 1 :

Make sure tor and privoxy are installed.

apt-get install tor privoxy

Step 2 :

nano /etc/privoxy/config

Append the following line to the file.

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

Step 3 :

/etc/init.d/privoxy start
/etc/init.d/tor start

Step 4 :

Install tor button on firefox

Go to Tor Button perference and set as the following.

Select "Use custom proxy settings"

HTTP Proxy : Port : 8118
SSL Proxy : Port : 8118
SOCKS host : Port : 9050

Step 5 :

Click on the "Tor enable" at the right bottom of the Firefox to enable the Tor Button.

Hints : You should repeat the Step 3 and Step 5 when you are using Tor to surf the internet next time.

That's all! See you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

HOWTO : Traditional Chinese support on Back|Track 4 R2

Back|Track 4 R2 is an English based Linux distribution. The Firefox cannot browse Traditional Chinese webpages properly. This tutorial shows you how to make Back|Track 4 R2 to recognize Traditional Chinese characters on Firefox.

Open the terminal and key in the following :

apt-get install language-support-zh language-support-fonts-zh language-support-input-zh language-support-translations-zh language-pack-zh language-pack-zh-base language-pack-kde-zh language-pack-kde-zh-base kde-l10n-zhtw

After the installation, reboot your system.

That's all! See you.