Saturday, August 29, 2015

HOWTO : HconSTF on Ubuntu 14.04

Hcon Security Testing Framework (HconSTF) is Web Application Security Analysis & Penetration Testing Framework made of mozilla technologies.

Most of the part of HconSTF is semi-automated but you still need your brain to work it out. It can be use in all kind of security testing stages, it has tools for conducting tasks like,

- Web Penetration Testing
- Web Exploits Development
- Web Malware Analysis
- Open Source Intelligence ( Cyber Spying & Doxing )


cd ~
mkdir arsenal
cd arsenal

For x86_64 system :

tar -jxvf HconSTF_v0.5_Prime_Linux_x64.tar.bz2
cd HconSTF
sudo ./HconSTF

For x86 system :

tar -jxvf HconSTF_v0.5_Linux_x86.tar.bz2
cd HconSTF
sudo ./HconSTF


rm -R ~/arsenal/HconSTF

Go to the official site to download the latest version and repeat the Install procedure.


User Manual (PDF)

That's all! See you.