Wednesday, June 01, 2011

HOWTO : Back|Track 5 on Dell Streak 5

First of all, you should root your Dell Streak 5. I have tried many methods to root my Dell Streak 5 but unsuccess. Those methods require Windows system and some require to use an apps. I nearly to brick my Streak. Fortunately, I re-flashed the recovery image and rescued my Streak.

Now, I would like to show you how to root your Streak by mean of installation of a custom ROM - StreakDroid which is developed by DJ Steve. The current StreakDroid is 2.0.0 and based on stock ROM 2.3.3. However, this version has some bugs (please see Known Issue below). Therefore, I use the previous version 1.9.0 which is based on stock ROM 2.2.2 instead. Version 1.9.0 is more stable then 2.0.0.

Installation of custom ROM for the root is the easiest way to do so. If you do so, your Streak cannot be unrooted and the warranty will be voided. The ROM will be the StreakDroid 2.0.0 or 1.9.0 depends on your choice.

Installation of Back|Track 5 does not harm your Streak as it use VNC to load the Back|Track 5 image.


Step 1 :

Download the StreakDroid 2.0.0.


Dowload the StreakDroid 1.9.0.

Rename it to and copy it to the SD card of your Streak.

Step 2 :

Switch off your Streak. Long press "Vol Up" + "Vol down" and then press "Power on". Long press those keys until you see the screen is boot up to recovery mode.

Select "2. Software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD Card" by pressing "Camera button". You will see a "Dell" logo and a "!" inside a triangle. Press "Power on" to the next menu.

Press "Vol up" or "Vol down" to move the cursor. Select "wipe the cache partition" and "wipe data/factory reset" by pressing "Camera button" one by one.

After that, press "Vol up" or "Vol down" to move the cursor. Select "" by pressing "Camera button". Then choose, "Install".

Upon seeing "Installation Completed", press "Exit" button on the Streak to return to the previous menu. Then select "reboot system now".

Wait for the Streak to reboot. The first reboot takes longer time. Please be patient.

Step 3 (Optional) :

You can now to install the following apps from the Market.

(1) sysctl config
(2) chainfire3D
(3) Plugins for chainfire3D - (Don't extract the .zip) Installed and select nNvidia
(4) Remote Desktop by Kolakowski Damian

Step 4 :

Install the following apps from the Market for the running of Back|Track 5.

(1) Android Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich
(2) Android-VNC-Viewer by androidVNC team + antlersoft
Or, (3) Mocha VNC Lite by MochaSoft

** Step 1 to 4, just do them ONCE.


Step 5 :

Since the original ARM version of Back|Track 5 cannot be copied to the SD Card due to the size of the image larger than 4GB. You should download a resized version which is developed by anantshri.


558ecb1f0e5feb1da86526df8761e6cc bt.7z.001
247842fd0d3ebb39454f76f4704d1537 bt.7z.002
f74d2f744434a7182b13287d9f8165e7 bt.7z.003

Step 6 :

Double click on "bt.7z.001" to extract. You will then see the following after the extract.


You should create a directory of "bt" (or folder) on the SD Card's root directory.

Copy these files to "/sdcard/bt".

Step 7 :

Run the following commands on the Terminal Emulator on your Streak.

cd /sdcard/bt

** This step is just doing ONCE unless your ROM is reflashed or updated.

Step 8 :

Run the following commands on the Terminal Emulator on your Streak.

To start the Back|Track 5 :


Then, you will drop to the Back|Track shell

Step 9 :

Under the Back|Track shell, run the following :


** It will start the VNC server on your Streak.

Step 10 :

Press "Home" on your Streak and then run the apps "Android-VNC-Viewer".

Nick : BackTrack (or bt for short)
Address : localhost
Port : 5901
Password : 12345678
Color Format : 24-bit color (4 bpp)
Local mouse pointer : Enable
Force full-screen bitmap : Auto

Then, press "Connect". You will see the Back|Track 5 launched.

** The setting of the Android-VNC-Viewer will be remembered. That means you just type ONCE.

Press "Home" to go to the Streak screen. Back|Track 5 is still running.

Step 11 :

To stop the Back|Track 5, run the following command on the Back|Track shell :


** Stop the VNC server.

And then, run the following command :

Exit the Terminal Emulator and then restart it.


Now, the Back|Track 5 is stopped running.

Step 12 :

To launch the Back|Track next time, you should repeat the Step 8 to 10. And stop the Back|Track just repeat Step 11.

Source :

xda developers - Dell Streak

BACKTRACK 5 on Xperia X10 chroot

HOWTO : Root the Dell Streak (Updated 2010-Dec-13) -- at your own risk

Streak - MultiRecoveryFlasher

The method of resize the Back|Track 5 image to 3.3GB

Known issues :

StreakDroid 2.0.0 -
Since Dell Streak will reboot or reset itself on every an hour or 1.5 hours, please install an apps namely "Super Task Killer" by OPDA Team and make it runs automatically when the Streak start up. Set it to kill the background apps on every half an hour interval. That MAY solve the problem as mentioned.

StreakDroid 1.9.0 -
The Android keyboard is malfunction but use Swype instead.

Remarks :

(1) Make sure you run "killui" and "stopbt" when BackTrack 5 is not required.

(2) The aircrack-ng cannot be ran properly as the interface is eth0 instead of wlan0. No monitor mode and no injection.

(3) stated that an apps namely "ASTRO file manager" can extract the BackTrack 5 ARM image to the SD card that in fat32 format flawlessly. However, it does not test by me.

(4) Download MultiRecoveryFlasher at the Source above. Then, flash "StreakMod-Recovery" if you cannot flash the StreakDroid. Under Ubuntu, you are not required to install any driver but you need to run the program in root. Go to root by the following command :

sudo -sH

That's all! See you.