Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HOWTO : EveBox on Almond Croissants and Danish

EveBox is a web based Suricata "eve" event viewer for ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch is installed on Almond Croissants or Danish by default. However, EveBox is not installed by default. You need to install it yourself.

Almond Croissants is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System while Danish is an Intrusion Detection System. Almond Croissants and Danish are created based on Suricata by Samiux under GPL version 3.

In general speaking, EveBox is for advanced Almond Croissants or Danish users.

Step 1a :

sudo cp evebox-0.5.0-linux-amd64/evebox /usr/bin/


Step 1b :

wget -O
sudo cp evebox-0.6.0dev-linux-amd64/evebox /usr/bin/

Step 2 :

sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/evebox.service

Description=EveBox Web Interface

ExecStart=/usr/bin/evebox -e http://localhost:9200


Step 3 :

sudo systemctl enable evebox.service
sudo systemctl start evebox.service

To access it, use your browser to surf :

http://[Almond Croissants IP address]:5636

Update or Upgrade

sudo systemctl stop evebox.service

Repeat Step 1a or 1b.

sudo systemctl start evebox.service

That's all! See you.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

[Review] MIUI 8

To more understand the features of MIUI 8, you need to watch this video.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

[Review] Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Briefed Specifications

CPU : MTK Helio X20 2.1GHz (10-core)
Storage : 64GB
GPU : Mali T880 MP4 700MHz
Display : 5.5 inches
Resolution : 1080x1920 pixels
Case : Metal
Battery : 4100mAh
Mobile : 4G/LTE (dual SIM or SIM with microSD)
OS : Android 6.0
NFC : Nil

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is a China brand Android smartphone which is released in October 2016. It's user interface is MIUI 8. Redmi Note 4 has the following outstanding features :

(A) Anti-Virus

It is pre-installed with anti-virus apps and you can choose either "AVL" or "Tencent" definitions. Meanwhile, you can choose both of them too. If you enabled "Scan before installing", all apps will be scanned before installing. The virus definitions will be updated automatically.

(B) Backup and Restore

By default, "Mi Account" is not enabled. You need to register an account. When you registered, your phone will be fully backup to "Mi Cloud" automatically. Meanwhile, you can restore from "Mi Cloud" when necessary.

(C) Featured tools

Some tools are pre-installed, such as real "FM Radio", barcode "Scanner", audio "Recorder", "Compass" which are grouped at "Tools" icon. Furthermore, "Mi Remote" which is an IR remote controller for TV or similar. "Mi Remote" is grouped at "More Apps" icon. In addition, "Mi Mover" which is situated at "Settings" >> "Additional settings" can move apps and data from old phone (Xiaomi for sure) to new Xiaomi phone.

(D) Blacklist

You are not required 3rd party blocker for the telephone and SMS as it is pre-installed and it is situated at "Security" icon. It can block by telephone number, telephone number prefix or contacts.

(E) Quick ball

A quick access and customizable button on the screen (you can move it anywhere on the screen). It is disabled by default. You can enable it by "Settings" >> "Additional settings" >> "Quick ball". Once it is enabled, the default "Quick ball" has "Home", "Menu", "Lock", "Screenshot" and "Back". You can customize it at your will.

(F) Other features

It has some other features, such as "Lite mode" for elderly, "Second Space" for one phone with two different settings. It likes that you have two devices on one phone. "Second Space" is situated at "Settings". You can unlock the phone with your fingerprint. In addition, it can clear the cache when the phone is locked for a certain time, such as 30 minutes by default for battery saving.

(G) Special features

You need to use default "Clock" apps instead of installing Google's one. Otherwise, the alarm will not activate automatically.

Since it will kill apps for a certain time (3 days by default) in order to free up the memory, some apps that sending notification to other device (such as sports watch) via bluetooth will be dropped after the auto-clean. Meanwhile, when your phone is locked for 30 minutes (default), the battery saving function will clear the cache. However, it will also kill the running apps that sending notifications. Therefore, you need to configure it as at here manually. By the way, it does not come with NFC.

(H) MIUI 8 Review In-Depth

The review of MIUI 8 is here

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Monday, November 07, 2016

HOWTO : Redmi Note 4 with Garmin fenix 3 HR Notification

Redmi Note 4 is new released China brand Android smartphone. Since MIUI 8 user-interface will kill the Apps in the memory in a certain time (such as 3 days by default), your Garmin fenix 3 HR will not receive any notification (such as Telegram or Whatsapp) via Redmi Note 4 after the auto clean up.

However, this default settings can be changed and the notifications will working.

Option 1 (Stupid way) :

(1) Security icon >> Settings >> Cleaner >> Clean automatically >> Items to clean

Disable "Cache", "Packages" and "Residuals".

(2) Security icon >> Settings >> Scan app memory


(3) Security icon >> Settings >> Battery usage >> Clear cache when device is locked

Set to "Never".

(4) Security icon >> Permissions >> Autostart

Enable "Connect", "Telegram" or "Whatsapp", "Voice Caller ID".

(5) Connect icon >> Settings >> Smart Notifications

Add and enable "Telegram" and/or "Whatsapp".

(6) Settings icon >> Bluetooth

Make sure fenix 3 HR is paired with the phone and bluetooth is enabled.

Option 2 (Smart Way) :

(A) Tap on the "Menu" key at the left bottom corner on the phone. Some running apps screens will be displayed. Swipe down the app screens (such as "Connect", "Telegram", "Whatsapp", "Voice Caller ID") and select "Lock" to prevent the apps from being killed by "Cleaning" feature. The "locked" apps will be running in the background unless you unlock it.

(B) Connect icon >> Settings >> Smart Notifications

Add and enable "Telegram" and/or "Whatsapp".

(C) Settings icon >> Bluetooth

You may also need to do the following for some apps :

(D) Security icon >> Permissions >> Autostart

Enable "Connect", "Telegram" or "Whatsapp", "Voice Caller ID".

Make sure fenix 3 HR is paired with the phone and bluetooth is enabled.

That's all! See you.