Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Catch Me If You Can

As a malicious hacker, you are required to hide yourself before attack. If you failed to do so, you will be caught. Most malicious hackers will hide themselves by using botnets, Tor or proxies, or similar. However, I would like to introduce a new way to hide yourself when doing evil things in the internet.

In our country, you are not required to register your personal particulars to purchase 3G/4G pre-paid SIM card. In other countries, you may required to do so.

In the early morning, you can on board a public transportation, such as bus, and pay with non-traceable payment method, such as cash. Open your laptop and plugin your 3G/4G mobile dougle. You are using a pre-paid SIM card and you are on a moving public transportation as well as paid by non-traceable payment method. You fake your MAC address with macchanger.

You search for a target in the Google with dorks. Once you find a target, you can go ahead to attack it without worrying about to hide yourself. After several commands issued, you get a shell and compromised the target. You leave a backdoor for further access.

After that, you make sure to drop the pre-paid SIM card to the rubbish bin that out of your living area after your successful attack.

Next time, you take another route of the public transportation to access the compromised target or to seek another target with another pre-paid SIM card.

Now, you are fully untraceable.

That's all! See you.

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