Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HOWTO : Browsing Anonymously with Google Nexus 5 (Android)

In order to browse internet anonymously with Android, you need to run Tor (The Onion Router) and Firefox with some other related Firefox Add-ons.


Google Nexus 5 (or other Android mobile phone)


(1) Firefox Browser for Android
(2) Orbot
(3) Proxy Mobile (Firefox Add-ons)
(4) Phony (Firefox Add-ons)
(5) Clear Quit (Firefox Add-ons)
(6) Self-Destructing Cookies (Firefox Add-ons)
(7) DuckDuckgo (TOR) (Firefox Add-ons)


You can get the Orbot from Google Play Store. It can install to any Android mobile phone (with or without rooted). It will run the Tor. Once the Tor is running, your browser will not functioning properly. You need to install Proxy Mobile. When the browser is working, your Google search engine will refuse to work. It is because Google Search Engine banned the Tor network. You are required to install DuckDuckgo Search Engine. Make sure Orbot is set to active when boot if you want to browse the internet forever.

Firefox Browser for Android

You can get the Firefox Browser for Android from Google Play Store.

Proxy Mobile

You can get the Proxy Mobile from Google Play Store. After the installation, you need to configure it to make it function with the Firefox.

Use Proxy - Enable
SOCKS Proxy host -
SOCKS Proxy Port - 9050
SOCKS Remote DNS - Enable


You can get the Phony from Google Play Store. You can change the User Agent of the Firefox when you like or leave it untouched as default.

Clear Quit and Self-Destructing Cookies

You can get them from the following link.

Guardian Project

DuckDuckgo (TOR)

You can get the DuckDuckgo (TOR) from Google Play Store. Make sure you set it as default search engine or enable to list all the available engines. When search, you should select DuckDuckgo to carry out the search.

When all the required softwares and add-ons have been installed, you are required to reboot the Google Nexus 5 if it cannot browse the internet properly.

One of the drawback is the speed. The speed of the browsing will be slightly deducted. If your mobile phone plan is a slow one, you will be suffer and it is not recommended to run Tor.

When you are going to browse the internet, start the Firefox with "New Private Tab" after the Orbot is started.

That's all! See you.