Friday, February 01, 2019

Kali Linux Lite Docker For Lightweight Pentesting

Offensive Security builds a Kali Linux base Docker image which do not have any tool on it. Meanwhile, there is no graphic interface (Display Manager) too.

Kali Linux Lite Docker is a bundle of scripts to generate Docker image for lightweight pentesting purpose. Not all the tools available in Kali Linux are on the generated image. If so, it takes more that 20GB spaces and it breaks the policy of the Docker - microservices. The image is trying to keep it as small as possible. The Kali Linux Lite Docker image can be ran on Linux, Windows and MacOSX without any problem. The scripts are released under GPLv3 by Samiux.

The script will generate an image of around 4-5GB in size. This image include the following command line (text mode) tools :

(A) Scanners
- nmap, wpscan, dirb, masscan, unicornscan, netdiscover

(B) Exploitation
- metasploit-framework exploitdb sqlmap

(C) Debuggers and Compilers
- gdb gdb-doc, gdb-peda, build-essential

(D) Webshells and network tools
- net-tools, webshells, weevely

(E) CTF related
- steghide xxd


Kali Linux Lite Docker For Lightweight Pentesting