Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Deepin Linux 15.5

中國武漢深度科技公司的深度作業系統 15.5 (Deepin Desktop) 是基建於 Debian Linux 的桌面系統。深度系統實現了 Linux 的高度客制化的技術,它媲美蘋果電腦 macOS 作業系統。

深度系統 15.5 安裝容易和直接,沒有太多的輸入和選項。當安裝在 Virtualbox 虚擬機器時,它會提供特效模式 (Effect mode) 或普通模式 (Common mode) 選擇。普通模式運作行得比較快,但沒有了特別效果。

在使用深度系統 15.5 時極有使用蘋果電腦 macOS 的感覺。使用介面非常直觀和華麗,你並不會迷失於大量的選項當中。

它的軟件庫 (Deepin Store) 收集了很多實用的軟件,並且安裝和移除都非常容易。它的軟件庫極有蘋果電腦 macOS 的 Apps Store 味道。可以看得出武漢深度科技公司曾經投入大量資源來開發這系統。

這個作業系統極之適合 Linux 初學者或一些要求簡潔和直接的用家。這也是 Ubuntu Linux 以外的另一個不錯的選擇。但是美中不足之處是它沒有全碟加密和密碼只接受最多十六位字元,而且有些軟件的版本比較老舊。

Wuhan Deepin Technology Co. Ltd. (China) develops a Debian based Linux system namely Deepin Desktop. The current version as at this writing is 15.5. The outlooks of Deepin is much like Apple macOS.

Installation of Deepin 15.5 is very easy and simple. A few information is required to fill in or select in the installation. When installed in Virtualbox, you have a chance to select "Effect mode" or "Common mode". Common mode is the fastest mode comparing with Effect mode. Deepin Desktop 15.5 is very easy to use. The design is very straight forward and simple. If you have experience in Apple macOS, you will feel that it is very similar.

There are some useful software in Deepin Store and it much like Apps Store in macOS. The installation and uninstallation of any software is very easy. It is believed that Wuhan Deepin Technology has invested a lot of resources of building this Linux distribution.

Deepin Desktop is suitable for newbies of Linux and someone who loves simple operation. If you do not like Ubuntu Linux, you may try Deepin Desktop instead. The only downsides of Deepin are no full disk encryption, the maximum length of user password limited to 16 characters and some software are a little bit out-dated.

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