Wednesday, August 09, 2017

HOWTO : Fully Upgraded From Ubuntu 16.04.2 To 16.04.3

For some unknown reason, when Ubuntu 16.04.2 is upgraded to 16.04.3, the kernel does not upgrade from 4.4.x to 4.10.x automatically. The following steps will show you how to do it manually.

Step 1 :

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade

Step 2 :

cat /etc/lsb-release

The output would be :


Step 3 :

uname -r

If the kernel is still 4.4.x, you need to upgrade it manually.

Step 4 :

sudo apt --install-recommends install linux-generic-hwe-16.04 linux-tools-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04

sudo apt remove --purge linux-generic-lts-xenial linux-tools-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial linux-image-generic-lts-xenial linux-generic linux-tools-generic linux-image-generic xserver-xorg linux-headers-generic linux-headers-generic-lts-xenial
sudo rm /boot/*-4.4.0-*
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt autoclean

After the fully upgrade, the kernel would be 4.10.x after reboot.

That's all! See you.