Saturday, February 27, 2016

REVIEW : TorGuard Anonymous VPN on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

TorGuard provides anonymous VPN and anonymous proxy as well as anonymous mail services. You can purchase dedicated IP address for your anonymous VPN service too. Anonymous VPN can be worked with Stealth Proxy in order to enhance the anonymous power. Be keep in mind that it is not related to TOR (The Onion Router). You can have up to 5 simultaneously connections on every default purchase. You can add more connections with a reasonable price.

There are 4 encryption strength for the anonymous VPN, they are none, BF-CBC (BlowFish), AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC. For better performance, you can select UDP instead of TCP protocol. When Stealth Proxy is applied, the protocol is limited to TCP only. The stronger the encryption strength, the slower the connection speed.

The power of CPU, the speed of the internet connection, the protocol of VPN connection and the strength of encryption of the VPN connection may affect the performance of the anonymous VPN.

Once purchased, you can find HTTP and SOCKS Proxy Server Lists in your account. You can use the proxy servers without further charges. The most important is that TorGuard to identify you with your email address only. No personal detail will be recorded or asked. There is no DNS leakage when using the TorGuard VPN client. You can install "Disable WebRTC" or similar Firefox Add-on when necessary to prevent IP address leakage.

TorGuard provides VPN clients for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android and iOS. Even the interface is the same, but the VPN server list is different. Android and iOS have lesser VPN servers and encryption strength as well as no Stealth Proxy to choose. On the other hand, you can use the VPN server list in your account but you need to set it up yourself.

The current version of VPN clients at the time of this writing is v0.3.42. You can further tune for the VPN performance on Linux, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Arch, when it is using TCP protocol. Make sure to enable "Prevent IPv6 Leak" on the client when necessary.

For example, if you want to connect to USA Dallas VPN server, you can tune the TCP connection as the following :

cd ~/.local/share/VPNetworkLLC/TorGuard/configs
nano TorGuard.USA-Dallas-NO-TORRENTS-TCP.ovpn

Change from :
sndbuf 393216
rcvbuf 393216

To :
sndbuf 0
rcvbuf 0

Then connect to TorGuard Anonymous VPN and you can watch YouTube more smoother.

That's all! See you.