Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HOWTO : Use NightHawk More Safety

I developed NightHawk which allows users to use Tor Network in transparent mode. NightHawk has more advantage than Tor Browser. You not only can surfing the internet via Tor Network with your favorite browser but also can use any application software to connection to internet via Tor Network.

However, there are some restrictions to use NightHawk (or even Tor) safety in order to prevent your IP address from being leaked. First of all, you need to prevent DNS leaking by not using your ISP DNS. Secondary, you are advised not to install Flash on your browser as it has potential to leak your IP address when you visit a malicious website. Thirdly, make sure you do not use Google Search Engine as you may be banned by Google. Fourthly, make sure you disable javascript when possible. However, it is not possible to do so in modern websites. Javascript web pages are heavily implemented. Lastly, do not download as well as do not reverse connect back to your box via the Tor Network.

I think that there are only five restrictions to use Tor Network. When I seeing Chloe's research, I realized that there is one more restriction. It is, you make sure do not login to any website via Tor Network. According to the research, some exit nodes are sniffing traffic even some exit nodes are running for a very long time that granted "Guard" flag in the Tor Network.

In my opinion, HTTPS is also not safe for surfing via Tor Network with bad exit nodes. Chloe's project - BADONIONS - Honeypot the Honeypot can find exit nodes that sniffing traffic. I am waiting for the final result of the project and hope Chloe can release the bad exit nodes list to the public.

That's all! See you.