Thursday, August 08, 2013

HOWTO : Enable TLS/1.1 on Firefox 23.0

Firefox 23.0 is released. It supports TLS/1.1 but it is not enabled by default. Hiawatha WebServer developer, Hugo Leisink, suggests to enable it. He suggests to set the value of security.tls.version.max to 2.

Since the security.tls.version.min setting of Firefox 23.0 is 0, the security would be fallback to lower encryption protocol when the web server does not support TLS/1.1. So, it is safe to enable it.

How to enable it? Just keyin "about:config" on the url field of Firefox 23.0 and search for "security.tls.version.max". Then set the value 1 to 2.

Meanwhile, Hiawatha WebServer already support TLS/1.1 and she is one of the most lightweight and secured web server by design.

That's all! See you.