Monday, July 15, 2013

Bug Fix : Bugtraq 2 Black Widow Final (Gnome)

Bugtraq 2 Black Widow Final builds on Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuse. Each distribution comes with XFce, Gnome and KDE Window Manager. They all also come with 32-bit and 64-bit. A total of 18 copies that the Bugtraq Team needs to maintain.

I downloaded Ubuntu Gnome 32-bit and 64-bit version as I like Gnome Classic very much. After boot up, you need to set "Session" to "Gnome Classic" from the login screen of the Live DVD. The username is "bugtraq" and the password is "123456". The installation program is situated at "Applications -- System Tools -- Administration -- Install RELEASE" on 32-bit version. The installation program for 64-bit is on the Desktop.

The installation on my Parallels (Mac OS X Virtualization program) is smooth. I suggest you to select to download the update and 3rd party programs when install. For the first login of the installed copy, you need to set the "Session" to "Gnome Classic" and also makes it to default.

Bugtraq 2 comes with Services Administrator GUI and Databases GUI as well as Conky. However, there are some bugs on those programs. I am now going to fix it. The 2 GUI are situated at "Applications -- System Services".

I prepared a auto-run script to fix the bugs on the those programs and you can download it at here. It works well on 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu Gnome version.

The bugfix script is intended to fix the bugs on the Sagui and DBgui. However, it also fix some minor bugs on Conky. Be keep in mind that the official Conky is written for wireless device (wlan0) while my bugfix script is also written for wlan0. If you are using ethernet device, you need to change the "wlan0" to "eth0" (or any device that fits) on the "+.conkyrc" and "proxys.conf" scripts in the "bugtraq-2-gnome-x32-bugix" directory. Make sure you change it before running the bugfix script. In addition, the script will install some missing packages too.

WARNING : This bugfix script may damage your system or computer. You take care of the risk while using it.

Extract it with the following command :

tar -xvzf bugtraq-2-gnome-x32-bugfix.tar.gz

To run it :

cd bugtraq-2-gnome-x32-bugfix


The auto-run script has been updated for minor bug fix on Conky script, you can download at here

That's all! See you.