Sunday, June 23, 2013

REVIEW : MacBook Air (Mid 2013)

In 70's, I was attracted by Apple ][. I then started to learn how to program in BASIC. Apple products were very expensive that I could not afford when I was a teenager. Later, IBM PC launched. Everyone focused to it in my country. I started to use PC DOS in 80's. In 90's, everyone was using Windows. I was attracted by the concept of Open Source and started to learn Linux in 90's.

I have some experience in using Windows but except the Windows 8. I have been using Linux for over 15 years. Last year, I was attracted by MacBook Pro Retina. I bought one and it was the highest model of MacBook Pro. It is Intel i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and 768GB SSD as well as 15" Retina display. It comes with Mac OS X 10.8.x. When the new MacBook Air comes out in Mid 2013, I bought one. It is 13", Intel i7 CPU, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Meanwhile, I also purchased 3TB Time Capsule.

After using Mac OS X with Pro and Air for months and days, I like Apple products very much. It is very well designed. Users are not required to have much computing knowledge. Almost all her products are plug and play.

The boot up time is in several seconds with SSD. The Time Machine is working great that I do not need to take part in the operation. It is 100% automatically backup your Mac hourly, monthly and yearly. The Time Capsule recognised my network automatically and no setting is required. The WiFi feature of the Time Capsule is one of the function in my network in a ease.

My MacBook Pro/Air comes with some useful programs, such as iMove, which is very useful for me to record the screen by QuickTime and then edit with iMove. You can also learn how to use iMove in Apple's Workshop. It is free of charge. Meanwhile, Apple's programs are not as expensive as Windows. It is just several dollars or just a hundred something (USD).

Being an experienced Linux user, I find out that Linux Desktop cannot beat Mac OS X, even Ubuntu Desktop cannot. The learning curve for Mac OS X is none comparing with Linux and Windows. Mac OS X and Linux are not required to use Anti-Virus programs. Meanwhile, Mac OS is lesser vulnerability than Linux and Windows.

In conclusion, if you want to switch from Windows or Linux, Mac is your first choice. I grantee you will 100% satisfied.

That's all! See you.