Sunday, May 12, 2013

HOWTO : Metasploit on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS

Metasploit is an exploitation framework.

Step 1 :

If the following packages not installed, you need to install them.

sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1 build-essential

To download it.

For 64-bit systems :


chmod +x

sudo ./

For 32-bit systems :


chmod +x

sudo ./

Follow the instruction on the screen. You can choose your installed directory, default is /opt/metasploit. Select to install Metasploit as service.

Step 2 :

To register your community edition. If you don't, you cannot update the Metasploit. Point your Firefox to the following url :


You need to wait for about 5 minutes for the initialization. Please be patient.

Fill in the blank and you will receive the license key for activation. Then, activate the copy.

Step 2a :

sudo update-rc.d metasploit disable

Step 3 :

To run it.

sudo -sH
/etc/init.d/metasploit start
cd /opt/metasploit/app
sudo msfconsole

Step 4 :

To update it.

sudo -sH
/etc/init.d/metasploit start
cd /opt/metasploit/app

*** Make sure you wait for at least 3 minutes before executing "msfupdate". As it need time to load all the necessary modules after the Metasploit is started.

Remarks :

If you do not select to install as service, you need to do the following to start the Metasploit.

sudo /opt/metasploit/ start

That's all! See you.