Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is going on for Kali Linux (Full Version)?

Kali Linux is only a collection of pentesting tools Linux distribution. All the pentesting tools can be obtained free of charge from the internet as those are freeware or open source software.

The development team of Kali Linux do not accept any voice from their users about their weakness of their product. For example, when telling them about the Kali Linux rebuild bugs, they always stating that they have built a lot of copies and they found no problem. Later, one of the developer fixed and it can be compiled correctly. You can refer to the following bug report for details.

I am getting unsatisfied with this response at that time. However, I am not an angry user at all.

The core person, muts who is also a founder of Offensive Security, deleted some of the bug reports instead of rating it as "invalid" if they find the bug report is nonsense. I think it is not a proper way to handle a bug tracker like this. I have four examples so far, they are :

On March 25, 2013 (at my time zone), I am chatting on the #kali-linux channel and telling them that Kali Linux is working perfectly on Gnome DE only but not the other DEs, such as KDE or Xfce. Why I am saying that? It is because, when I am rebuilding KDE and Xfce, I will find some packages missing according to the documentation of the Kali Linux. I am telling them that their documentation needs to be improved. However, one of the developer "balding_parrot" rely that it is a "guide" only.

Later, I tell them about the bug reports deletion, they banned me on the channel. Now, I am getting angry. I delete all the articles (3 HOWTO's only so far) in the Kali Linux forum. I also delete all the articles on my blog that regarding to Offensive Security and Kali Linux. I am an angry user now. The following is Xchat log (the last 300 lines) about the conversation on March 25, 2013 :

Under the angry mood, I write my blog like this on that day.

Later, my accounts on Kali Linux bug tracker and Kali Linux forum are banned.

I will not use Kali Linux any more as there are some other pentesting Linux distributions in the internet. Meanwhile, the pentesting tools are available under freeware or open source license.

That's all! See you.