Friday, January 04, 2013

Why You Need To Learn Hacking Skills (2013)?

Male : I am managing a network and some servers. Ah, how to protect them from being compromised?

Female : In general speaking, you need to know how to hardening your network and servers.

Male : I followed all the advices and suggestions from the internet, such as security discussions or wiki. Some advices are asking me to read logs. However, I learnt from the internet that some exploit activities will not be logged. Any suggestion?

Female : Why not learn how malicious hackers thinking and doing in order to protect your network and servers?

Male : What that means?

Female : To be an Ethical Hacker in order to protect your network and servers. Then, you will be thinking like a criminal and act as a professional.

Male : It sounds good. However, when I ask for something about hacking skills in the forums, those guys in the forums always turn me down. Sometimes, they will misleading me.

Female : Why not take some formal training on hacking? Such as OSCP or CEH? Those courses will teach you about hacking skills or knowledge. When you know how malicious hackers thinking and doing, you will know how to protect your network and servers well. Ethical Hackers and Malicious Hackers are speaking the same language, using the same tools and playing the same game. Learn to hire a thief to try to steal something but don't hire a cop.

Male : Sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

Female : You're welcome.

That's all! See you.