Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Great talks about Security products and how they suck

The following talks are presented by Joe McCray. He will show you how to bypassing the very expensive (sometimes) security products which claimed themselves can protect your network/system from being attack.

He also urge all the bosses to put more budget on security guys and security training but not just purchase a (or some) security product(s) only.

Bio :

Joe McCray - Advanced Security Lead Instructor

Joseph McCray is the lead / head instructor for Advanced Security by Academy of Computer Education. Joe oversees the quality of instruction of all of our hacking and forensics courses and makes sure that our entire team of instructors has what they need and is prepared to the fullest for each and every class. Joe has been leading Advanced Security's hacking and forensics training classes since 2004.

Joe McCray is a retired Air Force Veteran and has been in security for over 15 years. Joe has been involved in over 150 very high level pentesting assessments and has some major hacking accomplishments that he can share with his classes. His extensive experience and deep knowledge, mixed with his comedic style has lead Joe to be one of the most highly sought after speaking experts in the industry. Joe makes speaking appearances and gives seminars at major events in the security community such as Black Hat, DefCon, BruCon, Hacker Halted and more. Joe is the recipient of the 2009 EC-Council Instructor Circle of Excellence Award and the 2010 EC-Council Instructor of the Year Award. Joe also runs a successful international security training website called Strategic Security.

Please watch them in an open mind. Here we go :

Hacktivity 2012 - Big Bang Theory : The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments

Defcon 18 - You Spent All That Money and You Still Got Owned???

You Spent All That Money and You Still Got Owned????

That's all! See you.