Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Undetectable Trojan on Windows 7 and AVG Anti-Virus

Maybe someone out there think that their systems are safe when anti-virus programs are installed and the firewall is enabled. However, it is not true.

This video is to proof that anti-virus programs and firewalls can be bypassed. This video is going to WARN you all NOT to download any pirate software and cracked software as well as NOT to download any software from any untrusted source.

The technique used in the video can be used in any file format, such as video, pdf, photo/picture, audio and executable file.

About the video

The demo Windows 7 in the video is in default settings upon installed.

- Windows 7 is fully updated as on April 10, 2012.
- AVG Anti-Virus is installed and fully updated as on April 10, 2012.
- UAC is set to default on Windows 7.
- Firewall is enabled and no extra program is allowed (default settings).
- AVG Anti-Virus has no whitelist set

As a result, the Trojan Injected PuTTY program is undetected by AVG Anti-Virus program and UAC/Defender on Windows 7 as well as firewall.

That's all! See you.