Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HOWTO : and Google Apps (Email) with your Domain

You can use GMail web mail service with your domain name, such as on

Follow this link to set up Postfix to use GMail as your SMTP server.

Step 0 :

Apply of free Google Apps (Free) Email :

Google Apps (Free) Email

Step 1 :

Create the MX record at your domain automatically.

Create the MX record at your domain manually.

The MX record are :

Step 1a :

Create a SPF record

Step 2 :

You will receive a email from Google and ask you to create a adminstrator account with your domain name. Your domain name needs to be authorized to use Google Apps. You should follow the instructions to complete the process.

After that, you can you GMail as your domain's email.

Step 3 (Optional) :

If you are using Untangle as gateway and IPS, you should do the following :

Open a browser and point to Untangle web page as well as login.


Change the following settings :

From -
Hostname :

To -
Hostname : untangle.mydomain.local

Step 3a (Optional) :

Config/Email/Outging Email Server (SMTP)

Change the following settings :

Send Email using the specified SMTP Server
- Server Address or Hostname : <postifx server IP address>
- Server Port : 25

Known issue

Cannot send to yourself with your domain, e.g. via Untangle.

That's all! See you.