Thursday, November 25, 2010

HOWTO : Information gathering with Dradis on Back|Track 4 R2

Dradis is an effective information sharing tool. It is pre-installed in Back|Track 4 R2.

Step 1 :

Setting up Dradis server.

cd /pentest/misc/dradis/server
ruby ./script/server

Open your browser and the address is "https://localhost:3004". Accepted the certificate. Enter your password twice. Then, login to the system with your desired username and the previous password.

Or, you can use the default username and password, they are "etd" and "dradis" respectively.

Step 2 :

Setting up Dradis client.

nano /pentest/misc/dradis/client/conf/dradis.xml

Locate the following lines.

<option name='restful_user' value='etd'/>
<option name='restful_password' value='dradis'/>

Change the default value of "etd" and "dradis" according to the Step 1 above when necessary.

cd /pentest/misc/dradis/client
ruby ./dradis.rb

A "dradis>" prompt will be displayed.

Step 3 :

Start MySQL. Open a new terminal and execute the following commands :

/etc/init.d/mysql start


At the "msf>" prompt, enter the following :

db_driver mysql

db_connect root:toor@

load db_tracker

Then, scan the port of the target "" with NMap.

nmap -v -sV -oA subnet_1

db_import subnet_1.xml

Now, you can issue the following commands to inspect the result :


Step 4 :

Go back to the terminal where it has the "dradis>" prompt. Issue the following command :

import nmap /root/subnet_1.gnmap grepable

Then, go back to the browser and refresh. You will see the data has been imported.


How to use Dradis

That's all! See you.