Thursday, September 30, 2010

DELL Streak 5" Android Tablet Review

I bought my DELL Streak 5" Widescreen Tablet at Broadway yesterday at $5,499-HK. I played with the demo unit, which was version 1.6, and I was very satisfied with the performance and layout. So, I placed the order. When I was checking the device, I found that the device was equipped with 2.1-update1. Surprise!

I informed the salesman who changed the specification tag at once and he seemed to be very happy with this changes.

Details of the "About Phone"

Firmware version

Baseband version

Kernel version

OEM Version

Build number

After using for a day with this handheld device, I find that it is very good and almost can replaced my Lenovo Thinpad X200 or X100e (which are running Ubuntu 10.04).

It comes with QuickOffice which is compatible with Google Doc. QuickOffice can sync with Google Doc and Dropbox too. I download the Thinking Space app and it is working flawlessly.


- 5" in size, it is portable and lightweight.
- large screen for reading PDFs and webpages easily and comfortable.
- the touch keyboard is suitable for typing but not for fast typist.
- a little bit modified UI. A new look and feel.
- fast and responsive.
- strong and hard glass screen. Not easy to break and scratch. Please refer to this site.
- almost can replace my Lenovo ThinkPad X200 or X100e.
- comes with 16GB SanDisk Class 2 mircoSD.
- free gift - AutoNavi, for driving only, I think.
- another free gift - Toshiba 4GB Class 4 microSD.
- some built-in apps, such as Chinese Calendar, QuickOffice, SugarSync and Chinese dictionary.


- a little bit modified UI. So you need some time to learn it which is differ from my Nexus One.
- no Flash at the moment. However, you can install Flash manually according to this site.
- battery cannot run for long. Similar problem on my Nexus One.
- no tethering and portable hotspot. Version 2.2 have.
- not very suitable for making phone call as it is quiet big.
- redundance to my Nexus One.
- not equipped with Traditional Chinese handwriting IME. Hong Kong Characters not tested at the moment.
- not comes with vehicle docking.


According to DELL, this device can be OTA to version 2.2 which will provide tethering and Flash that I need most. Lightweight and fast handheld device - a very success Mobile Internet Device (MID) in the market so far. I recommend to all who need surfing internet and writing on the road. Great device!

P.S. Service centre in Hong Kong is Kinghill Technology Development Ltd

That's all! See you.