Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Must Install Apps for your Android

*** Last Updated on September 22, 2010 (GMT +8) ***

I have a Google Nexus One with Android 2.2. The following list is the some of the apps in my phone that I think good for you all.

For Hong Kong only

StudioKUMA Call Filter - Block spam calls
HK Weather Widget - Hong Kong Weather
港價 - Compare products price between shops / supermarkets Updated on September 13, 2010
Hong Kong Sky Eye - Traffic condition (still pictures) from Transport Dept
Mark Six (香港六合彩) - Lottery of Hong Kong
香港通宵交通 - Transportation for midnight
MyMetroHK - Metro (MTR's free newspaper)
am730 - AM730 free newspaper
StudioKUMA BusInfo - Buses information
Useful Numbers - Useful telephone numbers in HK

Chinese Input Method

Cantonese keyboard - Cantonese input method
Simplified Cangjie keyboard - Cangjie input method


RockPlayer - Media player (can play RMVB)
Adobe Reader - Adobe Reader (read PDF)
Any Radio - Internet radios (including all HK channels)
Skyfire - Another Browser with can watch TVB's MyTV New on September 13, 2010


Tethering Widget - Toggle between USB and Hotpot tethering
Dr.Web Anti-virus - Anti-virus
Flash Player 10.1 - Adobe Flash player
Android System Info - Information about your Android
LauncherPro - Launcher (with 7 pages) Updated on September 13, 2010
App 2 SD - Moves apps between phone and microSD card
ESrongs File Explorer - File explorer for phone and microSD
Fast Reboot - Memory optimizer
Power Save Mode Toggle - Toggle between power save mode and standard mode
EStrongs Task Manager - Can kill task when it is abnormal
Save my Attach - Save email attachment
Quick Uninstaller - Uninstaller
Volume Control (by RevoSolutionary Development) - Control the volume of the Android New on September 13, 2010
SwiFTP - Android as FTP server New on September 13, 2010
Voice Caller ID - Speak out caller's ID when your phone rings New on September 22, 2010


Find Starbucks - Any Starbuck coffee shop near you
GoMarks for Google - Google's bookmark
GPS Essentials - Information gathered by GPS
大牛新聞 - Instant News
ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner - Can read barcodes include QRCode
Barcode scanner (by ZXing Team) - Can read QRCode New on September 13, 2010
EasyShare - Share your QRCode
ConnectBot - SSH client
Sipdroid VoIP + video - SIP client
CsIpSimple - Another SIP client (in Alpha stage) New on September 13, 2010
MSN Talk - MSN instant messenger
Gemini Calendar - Calendar (work with Google's Calendar)
Thinking Space - Mind Map editor New on September 13, 2010
PingChat - Similar to MSN Talk but it can send MMS like images New on September 13, 2010
WiFi Manager - Shows available wifi APs New on September 13, 2010
ColorDict - Dictionary New on September 13, 2010

That's all! See you!