Thursday, July 29, 2010

BUG FIX : Ubuntu Samiux Remix 10.04 r4.x installation

After installed Ubuntu Samiux Remix 10.04 r4.x, you will find "Place" with lesser folders and some programs cannot be executed.

It is because there is a bug on Ubuntu 10.04.1 (the latest version of Ubuntu) and it can be fixed easily.

You can check the version of Ubuntu by issue the following command.

cat /etc/issue

Step 1 :

Login and open a terminal. Issue the following command.

ls -la

You will note that the ownership of the following directories have changed to root:root instead of username:username, e.g. samiux:samiux.


Step 2 :

Fix the problem by issue the following commands.

sudo chown samiux:samiux .bash_history
sudo chown samiux:samiux .config
sudo chown samiux:samiux .dbus

*Replace "samiux:samiux" with your username.

Step 3 :

Log out and re-login. The problem solved.

That's all! See you.