Sunday, May 02, 2010

Apps on my Nexus One

The following are the list of the applications that I installed to my Nexus One. Some applications are for Hong Kong only.

Android Web Desktop - SmartDog Studio
DNS Lookup - Magnus Eriksson
Network Speed - pt
Webshot - Liqiang
HowSteep LiteWeight - Smallbouldering Projects
Penetrate - Diogo Ferreira
GPS Essentials - mictale
APN Backup & Restore - Ritesh Sahu
Useful Numbers - KArKiN
Network Info - alt236
IPdroid - Bo Yan
Quick Uninstaller - (B&B (Bread & Butter) Tool
StopWatch -
香港通宵交通 - hkmung
Metro Radio - Metro Broadcast Corp.
大牛新聞 - NubiNews
EStrongs Task Manager - EStrongs
GoMarks - AndroAppsDev
Mind Map Memo - takahicorp
Mark Six Widget (六合彩) - bitartist
ConnectBot - Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey
am730 - Nuthon IT Solutions Ltd
HK Weather Widget - Tako Au
ColorNote Notepad Notes - Notes
EStrongs File Explorer - EStrongs
aFirewall - Lucky-dog Xing
Compass - Snaptic
ShopSavvy - Big in Japan, Inc.
QR Code - DrHu
Tip Calculator by TradeFields - iStockManager
Agile Stock for Hong Kong - Francis Chong
IP Address Calculator - Slackey Software
Dictionary - ZH-EN - CallSpark

That's all! See you.